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How We’re Using Different Technologies at Ammo…

Here at Ammo, our solutions often involve mixing and matching between different technologies we feel have been underutilised across different industries. Here is a quick overview of some of the technologies we have been working with here at Ammo to help you understand where we might be able to help you in the future.

These are just some of the technologies we continue to work with here at Ammo. We are always on the lookout for new and emerging technologies that we can incorporate into our solutions as well as constantly developing different technologies ourselves.

RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification)

RFID or Radio-Frequency Identification technology in the simplest sense provides a unique identifier for a person or object equipped with it. The RFID technology can be scanned to identify the location of a person or object within a certain radius. It’s unique selling point however is that the person does not have to be in a location relative to the scanner.

Ammo decided that RFID technology might be especially useful in tracking the whereabouts of different people, objects and personnel within the working environment. To do this, we had to overcome different problems with the technology such as the potential for tag collision to ensure the capacity of our solutions.

RFID technology has been largely underutilised despite its numerous benefits. This includes not requiring the use of batteries, portability, miniscule read time and the potential to read large numbers of tags at any same given time.

We continue to explore the potential for RFID solutions within the port, rail, construction and many other industries.

EMF (Electromagnetic Field)

Another technology we are fans of here at Ammo is the use of electromagnetic fields (EMF). This is the creation of a physical field by electrically charged objects. This field is made up of different wave frequencies and can be manipulated to react differently with other transmittable objects in the field (such as RFID tags!).

We currently see EMF technology used within the military, radio and any other industry that requires the use of radars (air traffic). However, it has never really been utilised properly within industries outside of this. We have explored the benefits of using EMF technology to build a real-time field within the working environment that can be used to track worker/object whereabouts and prevent a potential collision.

Currently, this forms a large part of the solutions we have developed here at Ammo and we continue to explore the potential of using EMF as a viable technology to improve safety within the construction, ports and trucking industries.

UWB (Ultrawide Band)

Ultrawide band technology is one of the newer technologies we are exploring here at Ammo. Simply put, it is a form of radio transmission that occupies a much larger bandwidth (allowing for fast transmission of massive amounts of data). Such is its potential, the use of it is already being proposed in areas that rely on Bluetooth and Wireless USB technologies.

The use of ultrawide band technology has opened a new world of potential for the solutions we create here at Ammo. We are now able to look at implementing our solutions in bigger working environments and collect even more real-time data to ensure the environment is as safe as possible.

Have a look at how we are using these technologies through some of our solutions here:




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