Smart RMG is a state of the art solution for the rail freight industry. We believe the future of safety requires a smarter workplace. Smart RMG makes this possible.

Right now the rail freight industry is only one human error away from workplace disaster. By integrating intelligent electromagnetic technology, Smart Rail establishes safe zones. A flexible safety perimeter is set, reducing risk via the promotion of strong control measures. This gives your personnel a fail-safe from human error.

Electromagnetic generators are mounted in specific areas across the work floor. The Smart RMG unit is mounted directly to the crane. On-ground workers are fitted with a beacon within their vest or helmet.

The beacons and electromagnetic field are used to determine the positions of on-ground workers to create a safe zone which cannot be entered by machinery. Safe zone coverage can be customised to suit your needs.

The safety of your workplace is paramount. Smart RMG safe zones create personnel detection capabilities, ensuring a more efficient, safer work environment for your workforce.


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