Ammo has created a straddle detection system within a logistics environment which accurately detects entry and exit of straddle carriers near the crane.

With this safety certified solution, Ammo can ensure the protection of personnel under the crane along with preventing straddle to spreader collisions.

To prevent straddle to spreader collisions the detection system can alert both the straddle and crane driver if they are about to enter the shared work zone at the same time.

Combined with Ammo’s Smart Pinning Station, the Straddle Detection System can alert straddle drivers if they are breaching the red light status of the pinning station and entering the area whilst workers are still present.

The Straddle Detection System can be set to any length up to 30m and any width between 10m and 2m. The system can also section off non-detection zones within the reading range.

This detection system can be configured to work on numerous other vehicles such as trucks, ITVs, reach stackers, forklifts, and cranes. The system can also be fitted to a vehicle for personnel/object detection.

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