Who Are Safety Ammo?

Who Are Ammo.co?

Not your run of the mill IoT company, we approach things a little bit differently at Ammo. We don’t offer our partners generic, standardised products. Instead, we work with them to incorporate different technologies into building custom, creative solutions that are best suited to their situations.


Ammo was built in 2015 after identifying that the port industry was severely backdated in its use of technology within the working environment. The risk of incident within these workplaces was higher than most industries because of this fail to embrace newer technologies.

With a knowledge of RFID and EMF technologies, Ammo worked to develop solutions that would be of benefit to the port industry and ultimately, make for a better working environment for the respective employees.

Knowing that no two working environments were completely the same in the logistics industry, Ammo adopted its ‘tailor to you’ methodology. The first example of this came with the successful implementation of the ‘Smart Pinning Station’ within the Port of Brisbane.

The Ammo team worked closely with DP World Brisbane to build a product that would enhance the safety of Stevedores working within the port. Through the successful combination of RFID, EMF and other radar technologies, Ammo built a solution that allowed for the identification and prevention of machines/vehicles entering the same environment as working personnel.

We are now working closely with several other industries including rail, supply chain, and construction to develop similar solutions for the unique problems each of these working environments face. We are always looking to improve and innovate with familiar technologies by finding new uses for RFID and EMF solutions as well as experimenting with other emerging innovations including ultra-wideband, lasers and robotics.

How We Operate?

Generally, a potential partner approaches us once they have identified an impending safety issue within their working environment. However, Ammo has also been known to approaching industries we have identified where a problem might be apparent that they have not have acknowledged yet.

Once a problem is identified and recognized, the Ammo team will sit down and work through the causes of the problem with the partner. Often this involves site visits and several interviews with people within the working environment and company. Doing this allows the Ammo team to achieve a holistic view of the problem at hand and best develop a solution that will combat it.

It is this proximity to the potential client that sets Ammo apart from other IoT companies working in this space. We view our clients as an ongoing partnership where we can both benefit from one another. It is this mindset that allows us to build beautiful and unique solutions for any problem faced.

If you’re interested in working with Ammo in any capacity, reach out to us at info@ammo.co or call us on +61 1300 585 821.


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